We are gearing up for a new contract year with KDHE KanCare Dashboard.  This project started back in 2008 with the objective to support KDHE admins as they track and monitor MCO’s activity.

The dashboard is an integrated system designed to manage the complete cycle of reports, allowing the publishing of reporting requirements, submission of the reporting deliverable and communication of the evaluation of the submission.

The system has increased reporting efficiency by pulling all information together in easy-to-use interfaces that organize data in a comprehensive way.

Real Time Data

Admins are able to review submitted reports immediately and increase the efficiency with decision making as the information moves seamlessly through the reporting cycle.

Management System

Admins are able to track the feedback between agencies and submit updated changes to effectively keep the process moving forward.

This robust website has evolved and grown over the years and we’re looking forward to a new phase with lots of work to do and getting it done with a stellar crew.