The Rate Checkup Tool is a free, online tool that assists Kansas public water systems to calculate rates (user fees) for their service. This tool is provided through funding from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). The tool has been utilized by cities across Kansas since 2015.  In conjunction with the project stakeholders, we offer software training with an applied learning session with subject matter experts on site to answer questions and provide tips and guidance to end users.  The tool is in a state of constant evolution, integrating enhancements to provide more info and add functionality to end users.

The tool allows for the following:

  • Cover the costs of system operations
  • Provide adequate reserves
  • Plan for future projects
  • Printed reports to communicate program results

This tool provides user friendly screens to input data, analyze and validate data, forecast water rates based on customer groups, and generate custom reports with charts in various formats.

The tool can be implemented for:

  • Public Water Systems
  • Private Water Systems
  • Cities or States
  • EPA Regions

Learn more at:

Kansas Rate Check Up

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