T3 has been ramping up with Robotics Process Automation (RPA) – and are pleased to provide this as another service we offer our customers.  We’ve been working diligently and are pleased to be able to provide some valuable RPA products.  We can work from a customized development approach, but we’re also proficient in UI Path as well.

Some of our proficiencies include:

  • Creating a form to search information from an API.
  • Customizing a UiPath form with CSS.
  • Creating an Excel sheet to show processed information from an API.
  • Creating functionality to search emails with configurable keywords to capture information from an API.
  • Creating a service that interrupts the automation to email its maintainers in case there are any issues that arise.

See the full listing here.

RPA is all about increasing streamlining, efficiency and boosting productivity. Check out our RPA webpage to learn more and GET IN TOUCH to see how we can make life a little easier!