Applied learning has been at the core of T3’s success since their doors opened in 1998.  Throughout the past 25 years of operation, T3 has employed students from multiple WSU Colleges in an applied learning setting that has assisted with project processes.  The students are involved in meetings with the development teams, and they are assigned tasks related to design, development, testing and deployment.

T3’s students’ work side-by-side with T3’s full time professional staff and are mentored and encouraged in a fast production setting.  Milestones, deadlines and production dates must be met and the students get the experience of responding in a learning setting just as they would in a business setting.  T3 students benefit from:

  • Utilizing cutting-edge technologies
  • Challenging one another with new ideas
  • Fostering best practices with time, task and project management
  • Embracing cultural diversity through a collaborative team environment

As students progress through their schooling and develop their skills, T3’s focus is to get them ready for the next step in their lives.  This includes developing their resume, being prepared for interviews, and understanding fully their unique set of skills that they’ve gained and how to communicate that effectively to their future employers.

Graduation day is bittersweet as we not only celebrate the accomplishment of the students’ graduation goal, but also means we have to bid them farewell as they set out to conquer the workforce.

Enjoy the image collection of just a few of the students who have been a part of the T3 team!