WSU CAS always looking into the future with PASS

The WSU CAS / T3 partnership continues to thrive as the PASS database evolves to adjust to changing needs in the accreditation process with KBOR.  Since its launch in 2015 the Performance Assessment System for Students has gone through many phases of enhancement integration, additional reporting requirements and many training improvements for end users and admins.  This year is no different as we set out to put together reporting requirements that are required for KBOR accreditation.

PASS Features Include:

Intuitive Design

  • Functionality for admin to setup, manage and assign assessments
  • Wizard approach supports the entire process
  • Icons maximize communication
  • Tool tips provide extra info
  • Alerts provide validation information and guidance
  • Complete user manual provides step-by-step assistance
  • Technical support available

Data Validation

  • Data saved automatically through page progression
  • Self-paced completion allows exiting the system and returning to the last saved section to complete
  • Immediate validation upon completion of a section
  • Errors detected and highlighted
  • Completion notices sent to administration

Reports & Export

  • Generate reports to support accreditation requirements
  • Real time data communicates the latest assessment results
  • Report by Assessments
  • Report by Standards
  • Report by Traits
  • Assessments Evaluation Status Report
  • Completers Report
  • Complete Data Dump

The system supports data collection for accreditation purposes. The comprehensive system can be used for any school, college, university or private institution.

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