The WSU PPMC is a key partner in bringing together the Wichita Literacy Coalition, comprised of various stakeholders, to create and implement a collective plan to increase kindergarten readiness for children and families experiencing the greatest need.

Mission: To support community partners in their efforts to create equitable access to awareness, education, and wellness services, establishing a foundation of Kindergarten Readiness for children from birth to age five.

Vision: To be the trusted ecosystem of community partners of the greater Wichita area, empowering children to thrive in the classroom and in life.

Audience: The WLC supports healthcare and early childcare services providers, educators, elected officials, and the business community so that they can better serve families.

It takes the work of our community to achieve our mission, promote lifelong literacy to learners of all backgrounds and ages, and to build strong communities. If you are interested in joining in this work, check out Wichita Literacy Coalition website for opportunities to get involved.
T3 supports efforts with logo and web presence. Take a look here: Wichita Literacy Coalition.