WSU College of Applied Studies and T3 have been partners for many years. That partnership continues today through the facilitation services with Facilitation services occur in 3 phases due to program requirements.

The Performance Assessment System for Students (PASS) is an online data management system that provides a powerful, web-based interactive solution for collecting, storing, analyzing, and reporting assessment information to support accreditation efforts.

Collect data assessment easily
Create plans of study for each academic program with learning outcomes and performance rubrics.

Data collection and archiving
Maintain an archive of evaluation results that can provide data for program improvement.

Real-time reports generation
Generate on-demand reports to display and export evaluation results in easy to read format.

Designed and developed in collaboration with the expertise of educators and administrators, and thoroughly tested by faculty and program evaluators.

College of Applied Studies and T3 at Wichita State University collaborated to design and develop the web-based data management system for student performance to support its overall and program specific assessment needs for accreditation purposes.

Performance Assessment System for Students (PASS)