Our long-standing partnership with TRIO Communication Upward Bound (CUB) at Wichita State University has taken us down many rewarding paths.  Our most recent collaboration involved providing the 2021 Summer Program with instruction on Digital Video Production and Introduction to Graphic Design classes.  Students created a campaign for their own non-profit organization with the objective to improve a social injustice issue of their choice. Students got to hand-craft a business concept, purpose statement, elevator pitch, logo, and poster.  In additon, they were assigned to produce a video to support their message. The assignment included integrating sound and media effects with a call-to-action to be good stewards of the earth.

The students enjoyed lively classroom interactions that supported creativity and brainstorming under the direction of TRIO CUB Director, Carla Williams and T3’s Fennie Christensen, MID. The students celebrated with a grand finale ceremony that included Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple.