Wichita State University’s Training & Technology Team (T3), which was formerly a department within the College of Health Professions, has been moved to the Research and Technology transfer division under direct leadership of John Tomblin, vice president of the division.
T3’s physical location will remain at WSU Old Town, 238 N. Mead.

T3, which specializes in technology-driven solutions, was moved in an effort to better align with the university’s strategic plan and goals of accelerating innovation, technology transfer and public/private partnerships. The move will allow T3 to maximize its availability as a resource for WSU and the extended community, and to accomplish its mission to help organizations of all sizes in various industries translate their strategic goals into cost-effective information technology initiatives and custom web-based solutions that measurably improve performance.

“We are excited for the opportunities ahead for us and are encouraged that this realignment and new direction under guidance of Dr. Tomblin will allow us to have a more visible presence within WSU and Wichita.” said Yasir Muneer, T3 executive director.

T3 has a strong history of providing applied learning opportunities for students; having provided work experience on real-world projects to more than 90 students.

“WSU students that work with T3 graduate with an impressive resume that is the direct result of T3’s mentorship, professional development opportunities and working in a fast-paced production atmosphere,” said Tomblin.

T3 provides technological expertise and has more than 17 years of experience in designing and developing customized software and websites, offering e-learning services and providing secure, scalable and efficient database-driven solutions for complex business needs. T3’s portfolio consists of collaborative projects with government entities, commercial business and WSU colleges, departments and centers.

“T3 has benefited from strong WSU support, and we look forward to the future and the many possibilities that lie ahead,” said Muneer.