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Enterprise Content Management Systems

Contribute By: Francis Kuhara

These are software applications that provide business users ability to manage one or more websites easily. Each of the systems provide an easy to use user interface which abstract away the need for a business user to know html. In practice however, its software Architect and implementing developers’ duty to ensure authoring experience remains easy to use. Having implemented 5 Sitecore sites and 2 Adobe AEM sites, I have learned content authors are my first customers. They will be the first to use the system once you deploy to user acceptance testing (UAT) environment and if they can’t easily edit or publish new pages, then it doesn’t matter how nice the public facing site looks; their bosses will be hearing how bad the implementation is and how much they miss the “old” system.

In this series I will compare Sitecore and Adobe AEM from a developer perspective. Opinion reflected here is that of my own and I am not endorsing one product over the other. View Complete PDF