Online Water Rate Checkup Tool

Designed to help public water systems of all sizes

Rate Checkup is an online analysis tool designed to help water systems of all sizes calculate water rate schedules. This tool provides user friendly screens to input data, analyze and validate data, forecast water rates based on customer groups, and generate custom reports with charts in various formats. The tool can be implemented for:

  • Public Water Systems

  • Private Water Systems

  • Cities or States

  • EPA Regions

The ASDWA announces the Rate Checkup Tool on their website. Read full article.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) Capacity Development Program provided leadership and vision to the following groups to bring Rate Checkup Online Tool to life.

Unlimited Scenario Planning

Intuitive & Guided Navigation

  • Functionality helps determine what to use for inputs.
  • Wizard approach supports the entire process.
  • Icons maximize communication.
  • Tool tips provide extra info.
  • Alerts provide validation information and guidance.
  • Complete user manual provides step-by-step assistance.
  • Technical support available.

Easy Data Input and Validation

  • Data saved automatically through page progression.
  • Self-paced completion allows exiting the system and returning to the last saved section to complete.
  • Immediate validation upon completion of a section.
  • Errors detected and highlighted.
  • Input data from rate structures, water usage reports and financial statements to calculate revenue comparison.

Real-time Forecast Rates

  • Set parameters for the forecasting section to generate projections based on program default settings and baseline settings.
  • Run what-if scenarios and compare multiple rate checkups.
  • Override data to provide customized rate calculations.

Visualize Results & Export Reports

  • Generate on-demand reports with charts showing comparison of historical and forecast figures.
  • Generate report in PDF or spreadsheet format to easily share or print.

Save Time & Money

Program performs the calculations.

By using the Rate Checkup tool, you will be able to save time and money during the process of calculating user fees for your entity. No extra math skills are needed, as the program performs the calculations! The program will self-advance throughout the process, making for a user-friendly experience. Prompts will pop-up throughout the process to help ensure accurate data entry.

Convenient & Versatile

The tool is designed to guide utilities from development through implementation of rate structures that balance revenue management, resource efficiency and fiscal sustainability.

Customer Spotlight

Featured customer with experience implementing Rate Checkup Online Tool.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment was the driving force behind the project with the goal of assisting public water systems with calculating user fees for better planning.

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Subscription Plan

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  • System Setup
  • Secured Portal
  • Organization Setup
  • Admin Account
  • Technical Support
  • User Manual


  • System Setup
  • Secured Portal
  • Organization Setup
  • Admin Account
  • Technical Support
  • User Manual
  • Unique Calculations
  • Incorporate Existing Brand Identity

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