T3 offers a suite of services for software support that will keep your business applications performing as expected and protects your investment. We will provide you with in-depth statistical analysis so that you can make informed decisions. Download Flyer.

  • Maximize your software investment

  • Resolve risks and issues

  • Remote troubleshooting capabilities
  • Enhance work quality

  • Streamline workflow and increase efficiency

  • Boost productivity



T3 offers software-auditing services that will identify existing issues and get your system to run better than ever.

  • Our process involves multiple levels of audits and reports.
  • We will provide you with in-depth statistical analysis so that you can make informed decisions.


We account for accessibility requirements when designing and developing every product; the user experience is our priority.

  • We have expertise in working with government, healthcare and education industries.
  • We will ensure that accessibility requirements are met.


Our projects go through a full testing cycle before the release of every project.

  • We employ a comprehensive testing strategy with automated and manual testing, and multiple testing phases on various platforms.
  • We also perform rigorous post-production tests for stability and sustainability of the software.



We’ll visit to determine current challenges and discuss improvements to achieve the desired outcome.


We’ll research best-practices, industry standards, and most efficient methods to successfully solve the challenges.


We’ll perform a detailed examination of the existing software and communicate recommendations for improvements.


We’ll present a plan that clearly outlines the findings from the
analysis and the strategy for implementation.


Based on the results of the analysis, we’ll execute the plan
to achieve the agreed-upon outcome.

Protect your software investment and empower your business with T3’s comprehensive software support services. We provide support to any industry.

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