Molecular Diagnostics Lab


Molecular Diagnostics Lab T3 supports Molecular Diagnostics Lab at Wichita State University efforts with a newly designed program brochure that effectively communicates program details, testing locations, and services. T3 Solutions: Graphic Design Marketing Campaign

Optimuz Manufacturing


Optimuz Manufacturing Optimuz Manufacturing has upped their marketing game by acquiring T3's design expertise.  As one of the fastest growing parts manufacturers in the country, Optimuz Manufacturing’s primary goal is to provide solutions for industrial companies in the USA and beyond.  Located a couple miles south of T3's offices in [...]

TRIO Talent Search


TRIO Talent Search TRIO Talent Search at Wichita State University is a federally funded program designed to prepare and motivate middle and high school students for post-secondary education. It has been serving students in Wichita since 1977. The program reached out for design services to reflect and celebrate the [...]

TRIO Disability Support Services


TRIO Disability Support Services T3 provided creative services for TRIO Disability Support Services (DSS) at Wichita State University. The new marketing campaign will be utilize for retention and recruitment. Program brochures Informational mailer Floor/program banner Program postcard/handbill Heading/program logo panel T3 Solutions: Graphic Design Marketing Campaign [...]

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