Optimuz Manufacturing has upped their marketing game by acquiring T3’s design expertise to develop marketing materials. The collaboration is the result from the two companies meeting at the 2017 WITShow held in Wichita. As one of the fastest growing parts manufacturers in the country, Optimuz Manufacturing’s primary goal is to provide solutions for industrial companies in the USA and beyond. Located at 2331 S. Mead St, a couple miles south of T3’s offices in WSU Old Town, Optimuz leadership joined T3’s creative team to put forth marketing materials that exemplifies their business philosophy and capabilities.

Locally owned and operated since 2008, Optimuz Manufacturing believes strongly in giving back to the community. Supporting our Wichita neighbors is a priority and a part of our company’s vision and goal.

T3 is proud of the collaboration with Optimuz. Under their direction we have created marketing materials that provide their customers with service information and their committment to quality. We look forward to a long partnership with Optimuz Manufacturing.