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Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) asked their partners at Wichita State University Environmental Finance Center (WSU EFC) about the feasibility of taking a complex but effective paper-based tool that was the result of an initiative to transform vacant lots into vibrant community spaces. WSU EFC reached out to T3 to determine if we could develop an easy to use, online version of the Vacant Lot Cost Savings Through Nature-Based Treatment Tool that calculates the cost of various nature-based vacant lot treatments. The Tool will allow users to input the lot size and the desired treatments, like native plants, raised garden beds, trees, etc. Then, it will estimate the cost of that project on that piece of property.

T3 spent time with both MARC and WSU EFC teams deciphering the calculations and envisioning the output. The collaborative effort resulted in a tool comprised of set simple data-collecting user interfaces, that, once completed, calculates an estimate to support the work required elements to transform the specific space.

Users can adjust treatments in order to compare various project options and customize the project to fit within a budget. With this knowledge, the user will be able to make project planning decisions.

When we contacted T3 for assistance in bringing the Vacant to Vibrant Community Tool to life, we had a short timeline. Despite that timeline, we could not be more impressed with the outcome. T3 was responsive, kept our overall objective and goals in mind, and developed our product in what felt like overnight. Thank you T3, for turning our idea, a simple spreadsheet and a driving goal into a user-friendly, interactive interface that exceeded all expectations!
Environmental Finance Center, Wichita State University

This tool is available to community members, neighborhood groups, nonprofits or municipal staff and can be found on the MARC website.