Wichita State University’s Community Engagement Institute (CEI) and T3 are gearing up for another partnership through a state-funded grant.  The two centers will combine both research and technical expertise to achieve the objectives set forth in the grant:  developing and implementing a coordinated investigatory, reporting, and response system to prevent the abuse, neglect, and exploitation (ANE) of persons in Kansas with intellectual/developmental disability (I/DD). Work began in September under the leadership of Dr. Tara Gregory, Director of CEI Center for Applied Research and Evaluation and T3’s Executive Director, Yasir Muneer.

Wichita State University has benefited from the two centers joining forces in the past:
Kansas Prevention Collaborative project at: kansaspreventioncollaborative.org
The Kansas state-wide support group database at: supportgroupsinkansas.org
The Community Engagement Institute website at:  communityengagementinstitute.org

Both Wichita State University groups have a strong history of providing research and technological solutions for state agencies and other organizations in Kansas.