My experience working at T3 has been nothing short of amazing. As a student, I was initially intimidated by the prospect of working at a technology company, but the team at T3 made me feel welcome and supported from day one. I’ve learned a lot while working at T3, and I feel like I’ve grown a lot too.

At T3, I really appreciate how they value student schedules and prioritize flexibility. As a student, we often have a lot on our plate with classes and other stuff, and T3 has always been understanding and accommodating. They’re willing to work with your schedule to make sure that you can still be a part of the team and contribute to projects. This kind of support is invaluable, and it has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally.

For new students at T3, my advice would be to embrace the learning opportunities available to them and to be open to feedback and guidance. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions or discuss their ideas with the team lead or management as they are always there to listen, help and guide you. T3 is a place where you can develop your skills and knowledge, and the team is always willing to help you succeed.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone at T3 for supporting and guiding me during my time here. I appreciate the experiences and the friendships that I’ve gained, and I’ll always remember the lessons that I’ve learned.


Thank you!

Best Regards,
Sadaf Shabbir

Sadaf graduates from WSU in May 2023.